powderSintergy Materials: Starting with the very best

Sintergy uses a wide variety of conventional ferrous and non-ferrous materials to meet or exceed our customers' specifications.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, Sintergy purchases all of its material pre-blended to our customers specifications from some of the most qualified suppliers in the business.

We have the ability to have customer material custom blended in lots as small as 50 pounds or as large as 42,000 pounds. Some of our most common materials are: Iron and Steel; Iron; Copper Steel; Iron Nickel Steel; Low Alloy Steels; Sinter Hardened Steels; and Copper Infiltrated Steels. In addition, we also offer a variety of Bronze, Copper, and Brass Materials.

Iron Carbon Steels: 
MPIF Designations are as follows: F-0000 F-0005 F-0008

F-0000 * Lightly loaded gears
* Motor pole pieces
* Self-lubricating bearings
* Levers
* Cams
F-0005 * Moderately loaded gears
* Levers
* Hubs
* Cams
* Has Great Machinability
F-0008 * Moderately loaded gears
* Levers
* Cams
* Wear Resistance added if gears, 
levers and cams are Heat Treated

Copper Steels: 
MPIF Designations are as follows (most common): FC-0205 FC-0208

FC-0205 * Bearings
* Blocks
* Arms
* Gears
* Lock Parts
FC-0208 * Bearings
* Bushings
* Clutch Arms
* Gears
* Levers
* Pump Hubs
* Spacers
* Sprockets

Nickel Steels: 
MPIF Designations are as follows (most common): FN-0205 FN-0208

FN-0205 * Couplings
* Cranks
* Gears heavily loaded 
* Support brackets
* Ratchet pawls
* Cams
FN-0208 * Rollers
* Pins
* Gears
* Pinions
* Sprockets

Copper Infiltrated material: 
MPIF Designation (most common): FX-1008

FX-1008 * Bevel gears
* Face gears
* Blocks
* Levers 
* Helical Gears

Bronze materials:
MPIF Designation (most common):

CT-0010 * Flange Bearings 
* Sleeve Bearings
* Thrust Washers
* Load Carrying Applications 
* Mechanical Components resistant to atmosphere corrosion.
Yellow Brass 80/20 * Building Hardware
* Gears 
* Housings 
* Lock Parts
* Nuts
* Mechanical Components
* Decorative Applications